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Joel Zaft - CEO/Founder


 Joel has been in the truck parts industry for over 40 years.  He has been instrumental in 5 business start-ups since 1977.  Joel has vast knowledge in identifying and supplying heavy duty transmissions and differentials.  Joel’s main goal is to be service oriented and guarantee customer satisfaction.  Southwest Drvietrain Specialists is an operation that doesn’t just want to make a sale, but strives to retain and sustain customer relations. 

Judy Zaft - President


 Judy has brought her business skills plus her social work background to help offset an all-male oriented business!  She has had the pleasure to work with friends and family creating a work environment that is both comfortable and professional.  Judy has embraced learning the accounting side of the business along with creating and implementing the professional policies and procedures for daily operations. 

Michael Zaft - Chief Financial Officer


 After earning a degree in Businness and Finance from the University of Arizona, Michael started working in the heavy duty truck parts industry in 2008 in the finance and accounting sector.  Michael went on to work for a financial advisory firm for 4 years, and made his return to Southwest Drivetrain Specialists in 2016. 

Casey Zaft - Vice President of Operations


 Casey grew up in the truck parts industry, working summers and schools breaks alongside his father, Joel.  After graduating from the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in business, Casey began his full-time career in truck parts.  He assisted with the set-up of SDS and is responsible for generating increased revenue streams, expanding the customer base and product line, and efficiently executing the shipment of all product. 

David Adams - Shop Manager


 Dave Adams has been involved in the truck parts industry for over 30 years.  His strengths are his abilities to accurately identify any and all diagnostic issues and his knowledge of product related service.  It is not unusual for Dave to make a site-related service call to diagnose a customer’s issue.  Dave has always had the desire to set up a shop that encourages extended learning and assist with another generation of outstanding and passionate drivetrain technicians. 

Jason Adams - Drivetrain Specialist


 Jason has been building automotive and truck parts since he was old enough to turn a wrench.  He is quick to learn and has a positive attitude with new challenges that are presented to him.  Jason is not afraid to try something new and is eager to enhance his knowledge.  Jason is a skilled mechanic and a real asset to SDS. 

Skyler Sanders - Drivetrain Specialist


 Skyler Sanders has been a skilled technician for the past 15 years and has adapted to the world of truck parts very well.  His mechanical abilities stretch far beyond just truck parts.  Skyler is always eager to take on new challenges and is open to learning new and more efficient techniques in the ever changing truck parts industry. 

Brian Davis - Drivetrain Specialist


Brian is a US Army Veteran and in his time of service he picked up the skill to be a great mechanic.  He loves the fast pace work SDS has to offer.  He is a hard worker and determined to get the job done in a timely manner.  He is always up for the challenge of working on the wide variety of components the industry has to offer. 

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David Rios - Drivetrain Specialist


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